Smart Crowd Management Solution

Stage 1


The HKSAR government plans to position Hong Kong as a worldwide R&D center point through various Smart City activities that will fortify its seriousness in the worldwide field.

Kowloon East was allocated as the pilot territory for Smart City organization and testing, with significant occasions in the zone taken as test ventures.

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Stage 2

Business Challenge

Hong Kong has a mass populace corresponding to its geological space, and this is particularly obvious where huge scope open occasions are held.

With streets ordinarily shut down off to traffic and restricted transportation to such occasions, it is pivotal to swarm oversee effectively to upgrade tasks without trading off the wellbeing and security of general society on the loose.

This requires a ton of labor from both the occasion coordinators and open assistance operators, and isn’t generally a perfect arrangement. In this manner, the time had come to locate an increasingly supportable and productive answer for swarm the executives and open wellbeing.

We launched the Smart City “Verification of Concept” preliminary in 2017 at the Streetathon Marathon held in Kowloon East that included an expected 15,000 members.

Stage 3

The Solution

IoT gadgets like CCTV cameras and sensors were introduced at key pinnacle regions along the race course to follow individuals thickness and traffic stream. The recordings caught from these locators are right away transmitted through remote correspondences to a protected cloud server.

Propelled video examination in the cloud server separates these information into valuable continuous data like transportation hold up time dependent on individuals thickness, and ideal elective courses for swarm dispersal.

The examined continuous information is then conveyed to key partners through an API, inside versatile application, or in plain view boards in the control place. This improves the executives and operational effectiveness, without the need to trust that such information will come through.

Show of these ongoing traffic data were likewise shared on huge LED screens at vital areas along the occasion’s field to general society everywhere for members and guests to have a progressively educated diagram regarding the setting.

Stage 4

The Results

Members get constant information on blockage status of the setting and line time for transportation and subsequently, can all the more likely arrangement for their movements and abstain from congestion.

Coordinators and open assistance specialists the same are educated continuously on swarm crowd management hk circumstances and traffic conditions which take into consideration better activities and labor assignment.

Wellbeing and security better checked progressively; CCTVs and sensors the same can cover a more extensive separation when contrasted with labor observing.

Increment representative profitability and streamline operational proficiency with the moment correspondence of group information.

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