What Foods to Eat to Get a Six Pack

I have tried and tested many different diets before I discovered the importance of physical exercise on a daily basis.

About two months ago I started to focus on getting a 6 Pack and I began to achieve rapid results and a total body slim down in just 60 days.

After the sixty days I found that my body hit a brick wall, a plateau! To beat this I came up with several different nutrition strategies for improving my abs, and I apply these in my life on a daily basis.

1. Don’t Give Up!

This is probably the most important step to continue working towards your fitness and health goals. Often times, when we hit that plateau, we become frustrated, stressed and irritated with our efforts, exercise routines and eating habits. It is very important to keep your high energy levels and to stay positive.

In order to continue working toward your weight loss and fitness goals Cutting sarms you need to have a positive frame of mind. Remember, anything is possible if you stay determined and committed!

2. Keep a Food Journal

I cannot begin to stress how important it is to write down what you eat and drink daily. I found that my body did not just magically hit a plateau, but that part of it was my responsibility.

At some point in my fitness regime, I became solely dependent on the results of physical exercise and I began to slowly slip back into old eating habits. Now, this does not necessarily mean I resorted to junk food and unhealthy meals, but by not writing down what I ate and drank throughout the day, I was losing track of what and how much I was consuming.

It is important to keep a healthy balance between your meals and snacks and physical activity as well…they both play an equal role in the maintenance of a healthy body, mind and lifestyle.

Buy a cheap notebook or pad of paper and keep track of your 5-6 healthy meals a day. Write clear headings: Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Snack, Dinner, Snack (optional) and what you are drinking each day. It is also useful to record what physical activities and exercises you engage in each day. Do not forget to include those 2 crackers and those small pieces of chocolate that you s

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