Vanderbilt Football Commodores Nickname Explained

The Vanderbilt football team nickname of the Commodores is often uttered in sports bars around the country every fall when the team takes the field in the highly competitive SEC Conference, yet surprisingly few people have ever heard the origin of the nickname explained.

Vanderbilt University, located in Nashville, Tennessee, is a private college that was founded in 1873 and takes its name from renowned entrepreneur Cornelius Vanderbilt. Mr. Vanderbilt, who amassed a fortune in the railroad and shipping industries, donated a million dollars to help get the southern school off the ground. The generous donation earned him the honor of having the institution of higher learning take on his namesake. This was all despite the fact that the man who was born and raised in New สปินสล็อต ออนไลน์กับ UFABET York had never even ventured to step foot in the South. To the credit of Cornelius Vanderbilt his financial gift was an offering with the hopes of making amends and unifying the country after a tumultuous American Civil War that had just ended a few years before the funds were donated.

The nickname for Vanderbilt University is taken directly from the nickname of the man whose financial consideration made the idea for a Nashville university a reality. Commodore was a nickname held by Cornelius Vanderbilt as far back as the 1830s and one that followed him throughout his life until his death in January, 1877 at the age of 82. With both his surname and nickname attached to a prominent institution of Vanderbilt University his names live on in the minds of SEC football fans and academically inclined individuals as alike.

The nickname Commodores is actually quite fitting for a business tycoon of Mr. Vanderbilt’s stature as well as for a university. In American history the term commodore comes from what was the highest rank in the US Navy before the Civil War. For business analogies the nickname fits in terms of organizing troops (employees) to accomplish missions (business plans). On a different level for collegiate sports purposes the notion of going to battle is often used to describe football games and other intense athletic competitions.

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